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DCB95 – Orca Series

Brought to you by DCBright

Designed for use in:

  • Ships
  • Light Towers
  • Construction Crane
  • Agricultural machines
  • Road work machines
  • Crushers
  • Drag lines
  • Excavators
  • Flood lighting
  • Gantry cranes
  • Large open areas
  • Processing plants
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Harbors
  • Road intersections
  • ROM bins

DC Bright’s (DCB) DCB orca series is designed and engineered to produce the brightest industrial LED lamp in the world. This has been achieved by utilising the lowest energy consumption minimising the impact on our sensitive environment.

The Dutch designed world class product delivers matchless high efficient light output. The housing has been tested in the harshest environments in the world, The engineering of the housing has allowed for supreme heat dissipation to maximise the performance of the highest grade LED’s in its market. Current testing claims the light output on the DC orca series up to 2 times brighter than any other lamp on the market utilising the same power consumption. A large range of light angle available for the DC orca series guarantees each and every light delivered will be fit for it purpose.

Every component has been strategical hand selected and tested to maximise performance and reliability which is reflected in DCB’s warranty. At DCB we not only manufacture and assembly our range we provide technical support 24/7 across the globe. DCB believe partnering with our clients allows growth and sustainability leading into long term relationships.



Brand:  DCbright

Model:  DCB – Orca

Lamp Specifications

IP Rating:  IP67 (inc IP66 high pressure washable)

Impact Rating:  IK09

Operation Temperature Range:  -30~+50°C

Expected Life Span:  

DCB95-300   72.600 Hours to 90% Brightness, LM90
DCB95-475AC   60.500 Hours to 80% Brightness, LM80
DCB95-500   60.500 Hours to 80% Brightness, LM80

Lamp Body Material:  Aluminium Alloy, (Conversion Coating + 2 Layers Titanium Based E-Coating)

Lap Bracket Material:  High Tensile Strength Stainless Steel 316 

Front Cover Material:  UV Coated Polycarbonate

Colour:  Titanium Grey

Light Angle Adjustment:  +/- 240° in 30° steps

Cable Type:

DCB95-300  H07RN-F or Silicone
DCB95-475AC  H07RN-F or Silicone
DCB95-500   H07RN-F or Silicone

Cable Length:  2m

Available Beam Options

 Light Angles:  8° – 13° – 38° – 69° – 46x14°

White:  6500K
Neutral White:  4000K
Warm White:  2700K 

CRI:  >70

Weight and Packaging

Lamp Weight:  18.2kg

Bracket Weight:  2.9kg

Product Dimensions:  515 x 440 x 95mm

Packaging Dimensions:  570 x 505 x 165mm

Gross Weight:  22.7kg


Warranty:  3 Years


Optical Specifications

Light Output:  33 981~44 943 lm

Light Output (raw):  51 910 lm

Efficiency:  145 lm/W

Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption:  310W

Nominal Voltage:  24V

Voltage Range:  21~48V


Optical Specifications

Light Output:  62 312 lm

Light Output (raw):  73 600 lm

Efficiency:  133 lm/W

Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption:  456W (inc driver 493W)

Voltage Range:  90-305VAC | 127-431VDC

Current Draw:  240VAC = 2.1A

Possibility of Dimming:  0-100% (0-10V dim signal)


Optical Specifications

Light Output:  64 546 lm

Light Output (raw):  77 950 lm

Efficiency:  134 lm/W

Electrical Specifications

Power Consumption:  480W

Norminal Voltage:  24V

Voltage Range:  20-35V

Brightness Settings:  50-75-100%


3D model available on request


Photometric files available on request

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” World’s highest performing industrial LED light solutions for mining and other industries “