DCbright Industrial LED Solutions

World’s highest performing industrial LED light solutions for mining and other industries

DCB production quality

DCbright has strict requirements when it comes to production. Materials are checked by X-Ray, Assembly is carried out in our own factory and each lamp is tested individually…  Read more.

Flicker free products

In many recent scientific studies, connections are made between physical and psychological complaints and the so-called “flickering” of LED lighting. Migraine, loss of concentration… Read more.

Heavy duty resistant

DCbright products are high duty resistant. The products are designed so it can withstand a good impact and will hold its own in the thoughest environments. In the industrial… Read more.

DCBright orca series

Lumen output: 46,200 – 111,300 lm
Power: 300 – 800W
Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing
High thermal conductivity
A number of electrical protections
Vibration resistance
Waterproof, IP67
Impact resistance, IK10

Orca series

LED output up to 111,300 lumen. Heavy duty applications (IP67). Corrosion resistant. Vibration resistant. Extreme reliability… Read more.

Barracuda serie

LED output up to 38,850 lumens. Robust LED lighting in IP67 housing. Extreme reliability for professional mobile applic… Read more.

Snapper serie

Lightweight LED lighting. Multiple and powerful solution. For stadium lighting and lighting of sports fields, department stores… Read more.

Piranha serie

LED output up to 8,400 lumens. Extremely powerful and compact light source. LED lighting for 4×4 off-road vehicles, mobile excava… Read more.


In addition to LED lighting, DCbright also supplies accessories that support the lighting. AC drivers in every size. Switchbox for your … Read more.

P3 & P10 LED display

Ideal LED display for displaying your brand name or advertising at high altitudes such as tower cranes or tall buildings…. Read more.

DCbright Industrial Lighting Simulations

Availability of a collection of standard applications and custom-made light simulations for your project

Low glare

To ensure that glare is not excessive in any normal viewing direction at any normally accessible point…  Read more.

Custom simulations

Based on the information you provide, you will receive a lighting plan and advice for your LED sol… Get in contact.

Highest uniformity

By using different lamps and light angles, each area can be illuminated very evenly. In addition, attent… Read more.