Industrial LED Display

3m2 full color LED screen

Multiple Screens
(Multiple screens can be controlled from a single controller)

Connection via 3/4G
(info can be adjusted via telephone or computer)

Durability guaranteed
(strong metal frame + 8mm polycarbonate screen)

P3 led display


size: 3,072x 0,96m

resolution: 327777 dots

refresh rate: ≥ 1920Hz

brightness: ≥ 800nits

weight: ± 220kg

ideal for displaying safety instructions and other information in for example workshops.

P10 led Display


size: 3,2 x 0,96m

resolution: 30720 dots

refresh rate: ≥ 1920Hz

brightness: ≥ 6500nits

weight: ± 250kg

Ideal for displaying your brand name or advertising at high altitudes such as tower cranes or tall buildings.