DCbright Industrial LED Lightings

Available from 6,100 to 168,000 lumens in the most robust housings available on the market.

Orca series

LED output up to 111,300 lumen. Heavy duty applications (IP67). Corrosion resistant. Vibration resistant. Extreme… Read more.

Barracuda serie

LED output up to 38,850 lumens. Robust LED lighting in IP67 housing. Extreme reliability for professional mobile applic… Read more.

Snapper serie

Lightweight LED lighting. Multiple and powerful solution. For stadium lighting and lighting of sports fields, department… Read more.

Piranha serie

LED output up to 8,400 lumens. Extremely powerful and compact light source. LED lighting for 4×4 off-road vehicles, mobile… Read more.

Orca series


LED output up to 111,300 lumens

Power up to 800W

Heavy dury applications (IP67)

Corrosion resistant

Vibration resistant

Extreme reliability

DCB156 - 800DC

Lumen Output: 100,200 lm
Power: 800W

DCB156 - 300DC

Lumen Output: 46,200 lm
Power: 300W

DCB156 - 800AC

Lumen Output: 111,300 lm
Power: 800W

DCB156 - 475AC

Lumen Output: 68,550 lm
Power: 475W

Barracuda series


LED output up to 38,850 lumens

Power up to 320W

Robust LED lighting in IP67 housing

Extreme reliabile for mobile applications

Integral temperature monitoring device

High thermal conductivity

DCB48 - 320DC

Lumen Output: 38,850 lm
Power: 320W

DCB48 - 120AC - HT

Lumen Output: 19,650 lm
Power: 120W

DCB48 - 240AC

Lumen Output: 30,100 lm
Power: 240W

Snapper series


LED output up to 168,000 lumens

Power up to 1200W

Lightweight (2.7kg) housing

Multiple lighting heads (adjustable light management)

Optimal for stadiums, sport fields, department stores and major terrains.

DCB24 - 170P - 3DC

Lumen Output: 58,500 lm
Power: 510W

DCB24 - 170P - 2DC

Lumen Output: 39,000 lm
Power: 340W

DCB24 - 170P - 1DC

Lumen Output: 19,500 lm
Power: 170W

DCB48 - 180P - 3AC

Lumen Output: 23,600 lm
Power: 180W

DCB48 - 180P - 2AC

Lumen Output: 47,200 lm
Power: 360W

DCB48 - 180P - 1AC

Lumen Output: 70,800 lm
Power: 540W

DCB48 - 200 - 6AC

Lumen Output: 156,000lm
Power: 1200W

DCB48 - 150 - 8AC

Lumen Output: 168,000 lm
Power: 1200W

Piranha series


LED output up to 8,400 lumens

Power up to 70W

IP69K Waterproof, IK10 Impact resistance

Extremely powerful and compact light source

Optimal for 4×4 off-road vehicles, mobile excavators and heavy-duty applications

DCB6 - 55

Lumen Output: 6,100 lm
Power: 55W

DCB6 - 55A (12 - 24V)

Lumen Output: 6,100 lm
Power: 55W

DCB6 - 55P

Lumen Output: 6,100 lm
Power: 55W

DCB6 - 55AC

Lumen Output: 6,300 lm
Power: 55W

DCB9 - 70P

Lumen Output: 8,200 lm
Power: 70W

DCB9 - 70AC

Lumen Output: 8,400 lm
Power: 70W