Stay informed about special projects.

Jeddah Superdome

World’s largest dome build in DCbright Light!

Ballast Nedam | Construction Site

Ballast Nedam makes full transition to future-proof lighting

Mammoth PTC-200-DS

The world’s heaviest crane in the light of DCbright

Liebherr LTM-1650-8.1

First-ever Liebherr LTM-1650-8.1 equipped with light from our Piranha’s

Liebherr van der Spek

Together we came up with the solution for sustainable crane lighting

Novadock Harbour Cranes

The world’s largest crawler crane in the light of DCbright

TBI goes for green

Making the fleet of crane lighting more sustainable

Offshore Elevator Vessel

Helipad HLV Guliver in the light by DCbright